The sharing of donor care protocols will permit the building of important databases (clinical, immunological, biological, genetic, pharmacologic) for all three transplanted organs, the establishment of selection criteria and the adaptation of patient care.

This sharing will be based on:

  • Donor reanimation management with optimized hemodynamic care (volume control, pharmacologic support)
  • Organ preservation modalities (perfusion machine, preservation solutions)
  • Specific and adapted managment of organs from marginal donors
  • Development of DDAC with rational evaluation of the normothermic regional circulation (NRC) on a porcine model


A therapeutic educational program to prepare for transplantation and regarding pre-transplant recipient conditioning (pharmacologic or through adapted physical activity) will be rapidly shared between the 3 sites for all three organs.
New fundamental research protocols will provide elements for the care of donors, organs and transplant candidates.