The University Hospital Federation “SUrvival oPtimization in Organ Transplantation” (FHU SUPORT), launched the 20th June 2014 and coordinated by Professor Thierry Hauet, federates the team involved in organ transplantation in the three regions of France: Centre-Val de Loire, Poitou-Charentes and  Limousin.

An ambition to face the organ shortage

For clinical activity in organ transplantation, the FHU SUPORT is in the French top 5 (kidney, liver and heart).

Transplantation activity 2013 / 2014

Center Organ
Tours Poitiers Limoges TOTAL
Kidney (2013/2014) 131 / 114 57 / 55 44 / 56 232 / 225
Liver (2013/2014) 89 / 99 10 / 18 99 / 114
Heart (2013/2014) 22 / 18 5 / 6 27 / 24
MOP* (2013/2014) 38 / 30 27 /32 26 /29 91 /91

*Multi organ procurement

The increased use of transplantation as a therapy is worsening the organ shortage and forces the extension of donor acceptance criteria and the search for new donor sources. Despite an undeniable short term success, due to major advances in surgery, medicine and research, transplant patients still face the risk of chronic graft complications and loss.
The aim of the University Hospital Federation SUPORT is based on a translational strategy to create a unique healthcare and research network “donor-organ-recipient” in order to structure the care and optimization of graft and recipient survival, regarding kidney, liver and heart transplantation.
To succeed in this project, the FHU SUPORT relies on a permanent transfer between basic research and clinical research, with significant transfer with industry:

  • to improve the clinical procedures and create new research protocols to improve patients’ quality of life
  • to stimulate innovation and clinical research and strengthen partnerships with private sector
The complementarity in competencies

The FHU SUPORT involves the functional transplantation units of the three university hospital centers and the three universities of Limoges, Poitiers, Tours, and the research organization members of AVIESAN (3 INSERM units U1082-Poitiers, U850/U1092-Limoges and a university team EA4245-Tours).

It associates actors of the great western network of university hospitals (HUGO) and of the pole of research and higher education of the Limousin and Poitou-Charentes regions (PRES).

The FHU SUPORT is a vector of scientific, medical and industrial progress.
Scientists, physicians and surgeons of the FHU commit themselves to promoting multidisciplinary and translational approaches to develop diagnostic and therapeutic innovation.